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Excel 2013

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Course Overview

Instructor: Edward McCrae
Subject: Excel 2013
Duration: 04 Hour 18 Minutes
Level: Intermediate
Pre-requisites: Excel Introduction course or equivalent experience.
CC Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified) , English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish


This course is designed to be the intermediate level of Excel 2013. Students will learn intermediate functions and formulas, be introduced to and work with PivotTables and Tables, work with Charts, work with Flash Fill, work with subtotals and outlining, and learn how to customize the Excel environment.

Introduction1min 16sec
Customizing Excel Linking Workbooks & Worksheets Working with Range Names Analyzing Data with Common Logical Functions Analyzing Data with Common Lookup Functions Sorting and Filtering Range Data Analyzing and Organizing with Tables Using Conditional Formatting Outlining with Subtotals and Grouping Displaying Data Graphically Understanding PivotTables, PivotCharts, and Slicers Working with Flash Fill Working with Date and Time Functions Working with Common Text Functions Conclusion
Course Recap1min 53sec

Edward McCrae

Ed specializes in Excel Workbook development, Access Database Design, and SharePoint site creation and administration. Ed has been in the technical training industry since 2006 and has taught Microsoft Office 97-2016, Microsoft Project, SharePoint 3.0 – 2013, as well as a host of other applications and business skills classes.

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