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Access 2007

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Course Overview

Instructor: Timothy Miles
Subject: Access 2007
Duration: 02 Hour 40 Minutes
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: Basic Microsoft Windows training or equivalent experience.


This course covers the basic functions and features of Access 2007. Students will learn how to design and create databases; work with tables, fields, and records; sort and filter data; and create queries, forms, and reports. Designated as Approved Courseware for the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist program, this course will help students prepare for the Access 2007 exam (77-605). For comprehensive certification training, students should complete Access 2007: Introduction, Intermediate, and Advanced.

Introduction0min 52sec
Introducing Access 2007 Opening An Existing Database Creating a New Table Using Datasheet View Create A New Table In Design View Adding Records to a Table
Adding a Record3min 03sec Using Zoom Mode1min 45sec Using Shortcut Keys3min 32sec Filtering Data2min 35sec
Finding Data An Overview on Queries Forms Reports Conclusion
Course Recap1min 32sec

Timothy Miles

Tim has been a professional developer for over 20 years. He has worked with almost every industry, creating many different software solutions. If it requires code, he has probably worked with it.

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