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Microsoft 365 Mobility and Security (Exam MS-101)

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Course Overview

Instructor: Norm Kennedy
Subject: Microsoft 365 Mobility And Security (Exam MS-101)
Duration: 05 Hour 40 Minutes
Level: Intermediate
Pre-requisites: Working knowledge of Microsoft 365 workloads.
CC Languages: Arabic, Chinese (Simplified) , English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish


This course will cover topics from the Microsoft MS-101 exam, which measures a student's ability to accomplish the following technical and administrative tasks: Identify threat vectors; use Secure Score; configure Azure Identity Protection; configure Exchange online protection; implement modern device services; implement Microsoft 365 security and threat management; and manage Microsoft 365 governance and compliance.

Introduction1min 35sec
Identifying Threat Vectors Using Secure Score Configuring Azure Identity Protection Exchange Online Protection Microsoft 365 Threat Intelligence Microsoft Data Governance Security and Compliance Managing Search and Investigation Planning for Device Management Windows 10 Deployment Strategy Implementing Mobile Device Management Conclusion
Course Recap1min 01sec

Norm Kennedy

Norm began his career working with Novell Servers and has installed, configured and maintained Windows Server systems since 2000. He assisted Bell Atlantic – now Verizon – with their Y2K projects and network upgrades, sat on an advisory board for vendor IT integration with the Chrysler Corporation, and aided in the development and deployment of laptop programs in schools.

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