Joomla Quickstart

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Course Overview

Instructor: Ben Vivante
Subject: Joomla Quickstart
Duration: 01 Hour 00 Minutes
Level: Beginner
Pre-requisites: Basic understanding of computers and using the Internet.


This course is designed to be a quick start overview of Joomla Content Management System. The information in this course will take a new user from installation to building a simple website. The course will cover installing and setting up the Joomla environment, creating categories and articles, adding links and modules, and an overview of templates - everything you need to build your first website.

Ben Vivante

Ben is a web developer living in the Greater Boston area specializing in affordable, easy to maintain, search engine optimized websites that run off of content management systems such as Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal, phpBB, and Zen Cart. He speaks Open Source and thinks the LAMP solution stack is fun. He loves teaching, helping people out of self induced or imposed computer catastrophes, volunteering on sites that make a difference, and making people laugh with him in class. He believes hands-on is the only way to teach, letting his students play through practical examples.

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