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SharePoint 2013 - Complete Guide

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Course Overview

Instructor: Beth Parkes
Subject: SharePoint 2013 - Complete Guide
Duration: 03 Hour 22 Minutes
Level: Intermediate
Pre-requisites: This class is intended for individuals who have been given OWNER permissions to a SharePoint site or sub site and IT support staff who are assisting information workers using SharePoint. To be successful with this course, students need basic computer skills such as using a browser to connect to a web page, opening and saving Office documents, and a basic understanding of user accounts and groups.


This course is an introduction to the concepts needed by new users, site owners, and power users. Students will learn to manage a SharePoint site including: creating and working with lists, libraries, and site pages; using views and workflows; working with web parts on a page; granting users permission to use a site; and over-riding inherited permissions for lists or libraries.

Beth Parkes

Beth has been teaching computer skills classes since 1984. Her Microsoft transcript is currently 14 pages long with a variety of Microsoft technologies. She has focused on Active Directory, SharePoint and network management but is also happy to teach information workers whatever they need to know to be productive. She particularly enjoys introducing students to the joys of Excel and the mysteries of Access.

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