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Jim Searles


Knowledge is the foundation for empowering people to live their dreams.

Jim hails from the frozen tundra of northern Maine. Living on the border of Canada, Jim's first language was French. Jim likes to break concepts down and understand the intricacies that lie within, he believes that by understanding the how, why and what makes for good training. Jim is also a Literacy Volunteer of America and teaches adult learners how to read and write. He believes to be a good trainer; you must also be a doer. Jim also feels that with proper instruction, anyone can do anything. Just like sitting in your living room, with a warm blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, Jim takes you through difficult concepts in a safe and comforting way. From beginner to advanced, learning is easy and accessible. Sit in his classes and feel new knowledge permeate through you.


Jim has been teaching for 21 years, working both as a corporate trainer and manager to teaching applications, technology, and graphics courses with various online certification training companies. He attended college at the University of Maine and holds Adobe Certifications (ACE and ACA) as well as Microsoft Certifications (MOSM, and MTA) and has a penchant for programming with web technologies (HTML 5, CSS 3, and JavaScript), database technologies (SQL, PHP), and Office (VBA). He consults and programs for clients from around the US and designs collateral content for various local organizations. Jim is an experienced trainer who is singularly focused on ensuring the learner receives good information in a way that they can implement instantly into their work or designs.