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Lynne Koltookian


“The essence of a good instructor is to make complex things fun and easy to learn!”

Like many people, Lynne did not start out in the Learning & Development Profession. She knew she wanted to work in a business environment and started out in Human Resources. She really enjoyed matching excellent job candidates with specific job roles to help the managers she supported choose the best fit for their needs. She desired an opportunity to use her public speaking skills in a new way, changing professions into a Sales Account Manager role. She thrived on pleasing her customers with top customer service and made countless presentations to hundreds of people educating them on her company’s products and services. Finally, she used her love of educating people to transition into a full-time role in Learning & Development. She’s been designing, developing, and delivering both technical and non-technical courses to learners nationwide for close to 20 years.


Lynne holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Boston University along with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Penn State University. She’s a certified Master Trainer from Langevin Learning Services and she recently acquired an E-Learning Designer Certificate in Articulate 360 from the e Learning Academy.