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With thousands of short segment IT video lessons at your disposal, Intellezy is the most engaging IT online learning library available. Get started today! With thousands of short segment IT video lessons at your disposal. Get started today!

Eric Brockway


"On one day, I'm in a boardroom wearing a suit and speaking to senior management about business objectives. On the next day, I'm in the Network Operations Center wearing a denim shirt and making it happen with technology."

Eric is New Englander from birth. His formal education was completed at Southern Connecticut State University. After graduation, he started teaching computers immediately, and later moved on to computer network support, programming, and project management. Off hours, Eric enjoys learning different languages and plays several musical instruments. Eric steadfastly believes that life is more enjoyable for people when they have the skills and knowledge to be successful.


Eric is a Senior Learning & Development Specialist at Intellezy. He has over 30 years of experience working with technology, spending time in the classroom, IT department, support desks, and boardrooms. He has taught tens of thousands of students over the years. Solving business problems with technology is what Eric does best. He does this through his experience and strong project management skills in industry disciplines like Agile and ITIL.