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Deb Uscilka


“Work smart, not hard”

Deb graduated summa cum laude from Hesser College in New Hampshire. She obtained a degree in Communications with a focus on Video and Radio Production. She recorded and edited videos and audio productions with analog tape. As she walked off the graduation stage, the industry migrated to the digital age. She attended Clark University CCI and graduated with a certificate in Graphics and Web Design. She began teaching for Clark University CCI a year later. A life-long passion of hers is photography, and Deb won the coveted Vincent Versace Award for Photographic Excellence at Photoshop World in 2014. She continues to attend multiple photographic workshops every year.


Deb has been teaching for over 16 years, serving as an instructor in certificate programs and one day sessions for students of all ages and skillsets. She has incredible patience with students and they often want to take the next class with her. Before becoming an instructor, Deb owned her own landscaping business, developed a customer base for a wholesale/retail nursery, and managed a multi-million-dollar warehouse. Today, she juggles her time in the classroom, developing video curriculum and recording videos.