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Scott Hicks


"Although learning involves some work, I aim to make my students enjoy their learning experience and essentially have fun throughout their entire experience."

Scott has traveled to many parts of the world training on Laser systems on various proprietary software for marking, 3D Printing, clothing manufacture, and even high-speed imaging on Mach 7 wind tunnels. As a Training Coordinator, Scott trained customers on his product so well that they had to depend on his company. He then maintained those relationships to keep those customers satisfied. He now brings these skills to the courses he teaches at New Horizons, including various Business Skills and Microsoft Office training.


Scott Hicks is an Applications Instructor with over 25 years in training. He attended college in Michigan for electronics, and lasers, and as a lab assistant, he set up several new laser labs for these colleges and then campaigned to start the program a year early, so he could be in the first class to graduate with that degree.