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Andrew Black


“I love to engage and motivate adult learners!”

Andrew is a transplant from the west coast. He completed his education at Portland State University in Portland, Oregon. While there, he obtained a M.S. in Educational Policy, Foundations and Administration with a specialization in Post-Secondary, Adult & Continuing Education. In addition, he received a graduate certificate in Teaching Adult Learners, a B.S. in Political Science, and a Minor in Psychology. In his free time, Andrew demonstrates a strong commitment to social justice advocacy. He serves as a Volunteer Program Director of a Leadership Institute for members of the incarcerated community, and he provides support to members of the community who are overcoming alcohol and drug addiction. Andrew is passionate about equipping individuals with the knowledge and skills they need to build social capital and strengthen community vitality.


Andrew has 10 years of teaching experience at the college level. Throughout his tenure, Andrew has developed and facilitated courses for Portland Community College, Roxbury Community College, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In addition, Andrew has provided organizational development support to public, private, and non-profit organizations. He served as a multi-year Steering Committee Member for community-based leadership programs on a city and county level in Oregon; and, he worked as an IT Project Manager at a non-profit that manages the State of Massachusetts’ Infectious Disease Drug Assistance Programs.