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Warren Hammond


“My teaching philosophy is a simple: start with the why and finish with the how.”

Warren was born and raised in upstate New York, where he acquired a teaching degree from the University at Albany. Soon thereafter, he moved to Denver and started his career as a Technical Instructor. A Microsoft Certified Trainer since 1995, he has taught the finer points of products like Windows Server and Configuration Manager to many thousands of students. Additional specializations include Microsoft’s virtualization solutions and all things System Center. Warren’s other passions include travel and writing. Thus far, he’s published several novels, quite a few short stories and a graphic novel.


Warren has been a Technical Instructor for Focal Point Learning since 1994. As a Microsoft Certified Systems Expert his primary focus is teaching Microsoft products such as Windows Server, System Center and Microsoft Azure. He also spends quite a bit of his teaching time in the world of networking as a Cisco Certified Systems Instructor.