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Manny Martin


While I like interpreting, I love teaching. It is there that that educating students about ASL and the Deaf community has a real and lasting impact and I enjoy every class!

I began my study of American Sign Language in 1984 when my wife Linda and I accepted a 13 year old Deaf foster son. I went on to become an ASL interpreter (1992), working in business, education and theater. In 1998, I interpreted an address on education by President Clinton. In 1994, I became an ASL teacher also, writing a curriculum for use in elementary, middle and high school, and for adults.


Information to come.I became the ASL program director at RI School for the Deaf (2001-2009), and in 2008 opened my own night school, ASL Academy. In the summer, this school draws students from all over the country as well as internationally. In 2001, I began teaching college classes at URI, adapting the curriculum I had written. In the ensuing years, I have taught at several other colleges.