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Charlie Rich


“Making Sign Language fun, is my passion!”

Charlie is a native “speaker” of ASL. He became deaf at the age of 2 and therefore was exposed to sign language at an early age, making it his first language. He grew up in Atlanta, Ga, attending the Atlanta School for the Deaf and graduating from Clarkston High School, in Atlanta. He attended Gallaudet University for 2 years. He worked as a peer counselor for Clare Foundation in California, helping Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals that struggled with alcohol and drug addiction. After getting married, he and his wife embarked on their passion for giving back to the community by expanding their support to the Deaf community and volunteering internationally. He has traveled and lived in Asia for the past 10 years, learning a variety of sign languages and cultures. Charlie's goal is to help individuals both deaf and hearing, learn a beautiful language, experience a fun culture within the Deaf community, and to help ones maintain their dignity that comes from gaining social independence.


Charlie is currently active as a volunteer teacher in Massachusetts. In the past, he has worked in the same capacity as a CDI (Certified Deaf Interpreter) to help facilitate communication between low/no language Deaf individuals, a Sign Language Interpreter, and medical, rehabilitation and correctional employees. He has lived in Malaysia for the past 8 years learning and teaching Malaysian sign language and helping deaf people to improve their social skills and become individuals that can give back to their community. Charlie has been exposed to a variety of sign languages and cultures including LSM, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thai, Auslan, Cambodia, Filipino, Japan and Korea. He has enjoyed learning and supporting people from a diversity of backgrounds and hopes that his enthusiasm to do so will be contagious.