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Eric Encarnacion


"This class was filmed in front of a live studio audience"

Hailing from Lawrence MA, and with a strong connection to his Dominican culture, Eric grew up with the idea that life is best lived when sharing stories with others. This led him to pursue a BA in International Studies from Boston College. His education was focused entirely on studying people and their culture and trying to piece together the incredible puzzle around how such a diverse and unique group of people can somehow work together in a globalized world. In his free time, you can find Eric dancing up and down the street, playing with his puppies, or traversing the city of Boston with his camera, looking for the next story to tell.


Eric is a Learning and Development Specialist ay Intellezy. Prior to joining Intellezy, he worked as an admissions counselor at his alma mater, St. John's Prep. He specialized in working with applicants from underserved communities and families of which English was not their primary language. At Boston College, he served as lead choreographer for several of the dance teams and was one of the founding members of the Thea Bowman Advocates for Inclusive Culture. Eric is passionate about meeting people, sharing their stories, and enjoys public speaking and building connections. He believes the best aspect of being a trainer is how much he can learn, both from his coworkers and his students. There is no hierarchy. Eric understands that we are all learning and growing and thinks that to do so in a professional development setting is a lot of fun!